Google Pay Referral Code

Here is your google pay referral code “i1c24y

Do you wanna earn money as cashback and by referrals you have to download google pay(Tez) app. It is simple, secure, and easy to use for money transfers. you can earn up to 101 rupees on your first UPI transaction. Just put the referral code “i1c24y” in the apply referral code area and do your first UPI transaction and check the rewards section. You can make more money by referring to people.

 google pay referral code

Apply referral code in google pay (step by step)

  • You have to download the google pay app first
    (you can download it from the play store or you can also sideload it)
  • Install the google pay app on your phone
  • Enter the phone number that connects with your bank account
  • Enter OTP that comes on your phone number
  • Choose security option for account security
  • Then you have to connect your bank account or UPI id to your google pay account
    (click “connect” for more info about UPI id connecting process)
  • Then you have to click on your profile
  • Here is an option to apply the referral code
  • Click on it and apply the referral code “i1c24y”(Now you have done applying of referral code)

How to earn referral money?

  • After applying the referral code “i1c24y” you have to do just one transaction successfully (you can start it with just 1 rupee transaction)
  • After that, the money you earn from applying referral code will show in the rewards section (sometime later it will be added to your UPI account automatically)

How to link bank account with google pay

  • Click on add your bank account
  • Select your bank in which your account is registered
  • Select your sim slot in which your sim is inserted that linked with your bank account
    (make sure the sim that linked with bank account was inserted in the device in which you use your google pay account)
  • After that, three verification section is open and it will be done automatically
  • Then you have to click on the proceed button
  • After that, you have to put the last 6 digits of your ATM card and expire date month and year
  • Then click on create UPI pin and set it
  • After that put OTP and ATM pin
  • Click the check button
    (Now you added your bank account successfully)

Features of google pay?

  • You can do your all UPI transactions
  • You can able to pay you electricity, water supply, gas supply, and much more bills with it
  • It can be helpful to you to earn cashback
  • You can earn from google pay referral code
  • You can donate money from it

How to earning methods from google pay?

You can earn from google pay via applying referral code(only once), invite(after first UPI transaction of your friend), cashback and also from its offers

How to earn from inviting friends?

You can earn money from google pay via inviting friends. just scroll down in the app and click to invite button. you can invite your friend through whats app and Facebook also.

How to earn from offers?

In this method, you have to complete some tasks like transactions over 500 rupees. for these transactions, you will get a reward card in which you can win up to 1 lakh rupees.

Offer details

  • Invite your friend to use google pay and get 81 rupees each after his first UPI transaction
  • get 101 rupees after paying the bill recharge and UPI transaction when you collect all three stamps you will surely get 101
  • Do a UPI transection of 500 rupees(in conjunction) or more and get a scratch card every week. with this scratch card, you can get a chance to win 1 lakh rupees
  • Get a scratch card of worth up to 1000 after a UPI transaction of 150 rupees(in conjunction).
    (you will get 2 scratch cards after doing 500 UPI transaction)

About google pay(Tez) app?

Google is a money transfer app made by google officials. This app can do with your money transfer in seconds. With the help of this, you can make UPI transactions and earn money via cashback. Google pay is a safe secure and easy way to transfer money from one account to another. you can also pay money to others in case he does not use the app. just put his UPI id or his banks account details.

How to transfer money to others in google pay?

Money transfer is easy as ABC with the help of google pay. you have to just click on new payment and then you have to put UPI id or phone number of other people whom you wanna pay or just by scanning QR code to that person’s google pay account. With Google pay you can do more than that, you can pay your electricity bill, water bill, recharge your phone number, and you can pay to popular apps like Uber and Zomato, etc.

Google pay money transaction limit?

Google pay allows you to done a transaction of a maximum of 1 lakh rupees in one transaction. Not just google pay even most of the UPI transaction apps to allow you to do a 1 lakh rupees only in one day if you have done a UPI transaction of 1 lakh today on 7:30 PM than you can pay your next 1 lakh after 24 hours which means after 7:30 PM. most of the banks in India allows you to done UPI transaction of 1 lakh in one time in 24 hours while some allow you to do 50000 only. It depends on your bank policy.

A number of transactions can be done in a day?

It totally depends on your bank’s policy some banks allow you to done 20 UPI transactions in a whole day while some allow 15 and some of them allow 10 and some banks allow just 5 UPI transactions in a day in which you can do a transaction of 1 lakh rupees maximum. In case your bank allow 20 UPI transaction in a day and you have done your 10 UPI transections from other UPI transaction apps like Paytm or phone or any other app then you can be done maximum 10 transactions from google pay.


Why google pay is best?
Google pay is the easiest method to do a UPI transaction nowadays. As well as easy its the safest and secure method also because it’s developed by Google and there is no chance of hacking or any other banking fraud. Being easy, safe, and secure it’s reliable also until we start using the internet we all go with the results of Google. all these reasons make it the best app for doing UPI transactions.

What is the google pay referral code?
your referral google pay referral code to get 81 rupees instant after applying code and first UPI transaction is “i1c24y

Do I recharge my phone number?
yes, yes you can do your mobile recharges with the help of google pay. not only mobile recharge you can do your DTH recharge also and pay for other app services as well.

Is there any harm to using google pay?
No, there is no harm of using Google pay as I say its safe & secure to using google pay. Your bank money is in the safe hands of google.

How to download google pay?
You can download google pay from the play store or you can sideload it.

Why google pay code not working?
If you already download google pay and linked with your bank account or UPI ID and done one or more transactions. In this case, you will not able to receive cashback from google pay. Because google pay terms and conditions say you will get 81 rupees cashback only after applying code and done first UPI transaction if you have already done your first transection without applying referral code you will not able to get cashback.

Which bank can be linked with google pay?
In google pay you can link all type of banks in India that supports internet banking. Even there is an option to link it with Paytm payments bank and also airtel payment bank.

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